ABBA Let the Music Speak

Australian author Christopher Patrick first released his book, ABBA Let The Music Speak, in 2009.

At the time, GoodWords Stephen Cook, a long time ABBA fan who was lucky to meet and spend time with the band when he was 14, bought the book. Mightily impressed by what he read, he contacted the author to compliment him – and subsequently committed to assisting Christopher to raise awareness of his book and, in the process, garner the respect both the author and the book deserved.

In the ensuing 11 years, GoodWords has managed a wide range of marketing, sales and media activities to actively promote the book and ensure its availability in key outlets.

One of the most important early activities involved liaising with ABBA’s management, Görel Hanser, in Stockholm, to ensure all four members of ABBA received a personal copy of the book.

This led to the very rare decision by the members of ABBA to officially sanction Christopher’s book. In fact, one of Christopher’s personal highlights was when he received a handwritten note in the mail from ABBA’s Anni-Frid ‘Frida’ Lyngstad, praising ABBA Let The Music Speak.

The extraordinary imprimatur from ABBA themselves, led to the book being accepted to be included in the official – and very select, high quality – merchandise store at the world-first ABBAWORLD touring exhibition in Melbourne in 2010. It remained available for sale in the merchandise store when ABBAWORLD moved to Sydney soon after.

Since then, GoodWords and Christopher have maintained regular contact with ABBAWORLD and ABBA The Museum curator, Ingmarie Halling, regarding merchandise opportunities with other international ABBA exhibitions. 

And, as of 2020, the book is available in the official merchandise store within ABBA The Museum in Stockholm.

Other activities GoodWords has instigated for ABBA Let The Music Speak since 2009 include:

  • Creating and managing a major Australia-wide print, radio, and TV campaign which resulted in multiple interviews in various media and programs across Australian. Chris even hosted a regular ABBA ‘song-by-song’ analysis on Spencer Howson’s ABC Radio breakfast show in Brisbane for some time.
  • Creating and managing a proactive international media campaign, which led to stories in various media and on multiple fan and music and book blog sites across the world
  • Conceiving and implementing competitions and giveaways, featuring the book, across multiple media outlets and fan magazines, sites and clubs around the world.
  • Instigating ongoing opportunities for sales and distribution of the book in various markets.

For those interested, you can still buy ABBA Let The Music Speak direct from the author – click here.

News Update: When ABBA released their first album in almost 40 years, the No. 1 album “Voyage”, on November 5, 2021, GoodWords’ Stephen Cook was interviewed about the Swedish supergroup’s new music on Australian radio.

ABC Radio Brisbane Mornings: 

ABC Radio – National Weekend Evenings:

“When I made the decision to write and self-publish ABBA Let The Music Speak in mid-2008, I was filled with trepidation: The future in terms of marketing and ‘getting it out there’ was all very murky.

“But some things are meant to be, and the stars can align in the most spectacular fashion. They did for me when I received a glowing vote of confidence from GoodWords’ Stephen Cook in January 2009.  Stephen, a lifelong ABBA fan, had bought my book and contacted me to tell me how much he loved it … and from that moment on, everything changed.

“Stephen, and his partner Anthony, recognised I had something unique to say and something worthwhile to sell, and within weeks GoodWords had transformed my trajectory with the most life-changing sequence of high-profile, publicity activities, ensuring ABBA Let The Music Speak not only had a national voice; but an international one as well.

“The GoodWords magic was instantaneous: radio interviews in every state and territory; print media across the state capitals and regions; flights to Sydney and Melbourne for morning television and documentary commentaries; interviews with international media. It was amazing.

“Roll on 2010, and the inaugural international touring exhibition ABBAWORLD opened at Melbourne’s Federation Square, followed by Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. Thanks to the dynamo team at GoodWords – and their brilliant powers of literary persuasion – a dream run of correspondence with ABBA management in Stockholm was underway, and personal copies of my book were sent to each member of the band.

“By the time ABBAWORLD opened, ABBA Let The Music Speak became the first – and only – book to be authorised by ABBA for sale, on site. Coupled with a hand-written thank you note from ABBA’s Frida singing my book’s praises, the milestones were exceeding any expectations … and GoodWords was ready with more media releases to celebrate.

“It’s now been 11 years since Stephen Cook took me under his wing. Across international forums, my book is still celebrated and sought after by ABBA fans worldwide. Yet I still reflect on the fact it’s one thing to create something to enrich other’s lives; but it won’t succeed unless you have a talented team behind you who know how to sell it. GoodWords was my team, and they turned my dream into reality. They made it happen … and it’s still happening.

“Thank you, Stephen and Anthony, for steering me on a winning course. I wrote a book I wanted to read, and you wrote the synopsis that gave it a voice. Your ability to create and nurture a narrative is second to none. Thank you for your craft, thoughtfulness and mentoring over the years. I’m forever in your debt. ”                                 

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