Advertising is a key component of any communication with your audience – whether you are a charity or not-for-profit, a commercial or government organisation, or a small business seeking to gain some traction in your local market.

It’s also one of the few forms of communication where you, as the messenger, have the most control over the message.

But you also need to have an ad with a message that engages and captivates in orders to do its job. Otherwise your message is neither seen nor heard.

GoodWords has worked across most advertising mediums, including print, radio and video, and online and social media applications.

At the heart of every ad we create is the objective that you, as the client, see the results you want. Whether this be instantaneous, or over a period of time.

We’ve done rolling campaigns, such as our branding and student enrolment print and radio campaigns for The Southport School, including over 80 print ads, live radio read scripts and video scripting.

Then there’s one-off product and service ads for beauty clinics and childcare facilities.

We’ve also written, produced and done the voiceovers for some clients – such as the radio ads we produced for Queensland Fiore and Rescue Service’s Safehome campaign, which was authorised by the Queensland government.

You can listen to one of our Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Safehome ads here:

You can also listen to GoodWords’ Stephen Cook’s voiceover capabilities here.’


“Congratulations on making a very engaging ad for us, which I’m sure will help us to successfully promote this great service. Please pass on my thanks again to your wonderful cast and crew.”

Dylan Olliver
A/Principal Community Education Officer
Queensland Fire and Rescue Service


“We utilised GoodWords PR, media relations and advertising expertise during our 10th Birthday Celebrations in 2004. This included promotion of Sydney’s Biggest Pool Party and our Path of Champions inauguration media activities.

“With not much lead time, centre management was most impressed with the way GoodWords got the major and suburban media outlets involved – including live crosses during the weather segments on Channel Nine’s Today show – their placement of stories, and all media management on the day – plus, the great advertising and advertorial deals they secured for us.

“GoodWords’ professionalism and reliability gave me confidence that things were always under control.”

Merrilee Barnes
(former) Marketing and Programs Manager
Sydney Olympic Park Athletic and Aquatic Centres

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