GoodWords has produced, created and managed a wide variety of events of all sizes and purposes – from public relations and media launches to international conferences, complex, full stadium shows and major commercial property openings – for a wide variety of clients.

We provide a complete end-to-end service for  events we produce: this is because we also can create the various written and graphic design elements required for the complete event branding and production. This includes writing and designing invitations, programs, event logos and branding, speeches, rundowns and media information.

Additionally, due to our event production and graphic design capabilities, we have also created concept illustrations for other event companies. 

Among our favourite and most significant events that GoodWords has produced are:

The official Opening Celebration of Jade for the developer, Bezzina:
This four-hour branding spectacular for 500 guests required major pre-event coordination, as the luxury apartment site, which sits right on the Gold Coast beachfront, was still under construction right up until the opening event. In addition, as the site had limited space for guests, we had to negotiate with the local council to build a special, double-floored marquee out over the beach; and had to cover the sand dunes with special plastic to prevent any possible glass breakage ending up on the beach. The event itself featured fire breathers and drummers, local life-savers and choreographed dancers who scaled the outside of the 11-storey building as guests arrived and were served special Jade cocktails. This segued into synchronised swimming routines in the main pool, acrobats and aerial artists. Following an indigenous didgeridoo call from the building, a giant volcano came to life out of the surf and made its way up the beach. From this a flame was lit. This was then carried up the beach, through the guest marquee and to the edge of the main pool. From here, it was carried through and across the pool, where it lit a fuse which set off a spectacular pyrotechnic display that travelled up the building; lighting the pools contained within each apartment, floor by floor, before the rooftop exploded with fireworks. Singer Jon Stevens and his band then performed from a balcony above to entertain the crowd.

The Pre-Match Entertainment for the Opening Match of the Gold Coast Titans Rugby League Team:
Held at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium and featuring 840 Gold Coast-based children, GoodWords pulled this event together in just 59 days. It included a storyline featuring a young boy who grew up to become a Titan and the show had nine main segments over its 30-minute duration (segment diagrams featured at left). GoodWords organised rehearsals across multiple venues around the Gold Coast for each segment, with only one dress rehearsal in the stadium, a week before the big day. Original music, video, and songs from the Delltones, The Ten Tenors and the Backstreet Boys brought the storyline together. Channel Nine produced a video featuring all the players morphing from young kids to the Titan’s ‘heroes’ of the game and the show finale saw all 840 participants participate in the final song on the field of play.

The 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona, Arizona, USA:
GoodWords was co-event producer for what became two, major three-day conferences held in Sedona, in October and November 2012. The second conference was added after the first one sold out within days of tickets going on sale. GoodWords coordinated all 12 featured speakers, including GoodWords’ Stephen Cook, and provided all event logistics assistance from Australia. We also prepared and wrote all event schedules, produced and designed all the event branding – including banners, flyers, online marketing, event day programs and speaker biographies – as well as all merchandise. This included specially branded t=shirts, posters and coffee mugs as well as pens and other items for the branded ticket holder gift packs. GoodWords also coordinated and produced a live-stream of the entire second three-day conference which also sold out.

The official Opening of Simply Beautiful and Simply Branz Exhibition:
This combined event officially opened the Sydney cosmetic clinic Simply Beautiful and doubled as the Opening Night for Austrian photographer, Werner Branz’s first Australian exhibition. GoodWords produced an event for over 200 guests with singers, musicians, live statues and speakers launching the clinic, before the exhibition doors opened. One of the more challenging aspects of this event was creating an actual art gallery within an unused area of the cosmetic clinic.

Blossom Goodchild – A Soul Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and the Federation of Light:
GoodWords produced this in conjunction with direct voice channel and author Blossom Goodchild and marketed the event, with tickets selling out prior to the day. The event was also filmed live so those in interstate and overseas locations could purchase and view online.

Kids in The Park – Sydney Olympic Park:
Teaming with Kristina Karasulas of KK Events, GoodWords co-produced the inaugural Kids In The Park school holiday event at Sydney Olympic Park in July 2004. The event comprised 16 days of virtually non-stop entertainment and activities for children of all ages. This included everything from face painting and art workshops, to performances from various children’s entertainers, talented youngsters, TV talent show singers and dancers.

“That was the best pre-match entertainment I’ve ever seen.”

Phil Gould
Channel Nine Commentator
Gold Coast Titans Inaugural Match, Suncorp Stadium Brisbane

“If you have any lingering doubts about how last night went, shoo them away. I’ve had emails all morning about what a fabulous night it was and they are absolutely right. You should be very proud of yourselves this morning. Stephen, you had a lovely big bit in the Gold Coast Bulletin story this morning: I think all of the Gold Coast knows exactly what you two can do now. Go get ’em.”

Jenny Wills
PR Consultant
Bezzina Property Group

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