Logos and Branding

As part of GoodWords’ whole-of-agency offerings, we provide branding and logo development and implementation services.

This includes helping you find and choose a great name for your business, product, publication, campaign, service or cause. Or simply rebranding your overall image.

Creating a successful logo or brand begins with understanding who you are, what you do, what you want to achieve, and what you or your organisation or cause’s core values are.

If you don’t know your core values are, we can work on that with you too.

We also need to know and understand how and where you’re going to use your logo and brand, and accommodate the creative process and potential formats to include this. 

The logo and brand development process itself is the most critical and time consuming part.

It involves researching your business sector, determining your point of difference, talking you through your likes and dislikes and overall expectations – on things like colour, shapes, style, personality, tenor, your audience and your desired impact.

A brand or logo ideally needs to stand alone – in its own right – in order to be recognised as being not just competitive, but simple, yet eye-catching, engaging and easily identifiable.

GoodWords works collaboratively with you throughout every step of the logo and brand creation process to ensure that you are happy with what you may have to live with for many years.

We want you to like it; and if you like it, it’s likely your supporters, donors, customers and stakeholders will too.

We can also work with you to create lasting, cut-through, brand positioning statements and slogans to enhance your market or audience reach and uptake.

And, once your logo or brand or rebrand is decided, we can provide the various formats you’ll need. Plus, we can assist you in implementing it across right across your organisation – from your website and corporate stationery, to email signatures, promotional products and all your collateral.

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