Newsletters and Publications

GoodWords has written, designed and produced a broad range of newsletters and publications for many of our clients over the years.

The thing our clients like most about our service, is that we write, design and coordinate everything from the one office; including story conception and research, interview coordination, copywriting, image collation, research and selection, to final page layout and design.

And, once all your internal approvals are done, we provide you with final, print ready or electronic files, for either printing or email and online needs. Or we can liaise with your chosen printer.

This means you get a professionally organised end-to-end service for all your newsletters and publications.

Some of the bigger jobs we’ve done include acting as Editorial and Creative Director of Hamilton Island’s REEF magazine’s August 2012 edition.

While the company was still making some internal decisions about the selection of their next publisher for REEF magazine, we were asked to coordinate this issue. Using Hamilton Island’s then-template, we worked with the client to coordinate all stories; created an enlivened look and feel; and wrote and produced much of the content before finalising the entire 68-page magazine for printing and distribution.

We also named and produced the first, printed editions of not-for-profit Open Support’s donor and supporter newsletter,  The Supporter.

GoodWords worked with the client to confirm the mix and placement of stories, wrote and sourced all content and images, and then, using the organisation’s Style Guide, created layouts which met with the client’s approval. Once signed-off, we then provided final print-ready files to the printer and mailing house – which we sourced on their behalf, after getting several quotes, 

Other organisations we’ve produced newsletters for include St Vincent’s Clinic and its research foundation, St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation and a variety of small businesses.

“This edition of Reef Magazine is by far my favourite so far…I love it!”

Kathryn McDougall
Director of Leisure Sales

Hamilton Island

“Thanks to you and Anthony!”

Denny-Lyn Dixon
Director of Marketing
Hamilton Island

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